I am Holly, and I love fitness!

In fact, in 2016 I left my job as a Finance Director to focus on two things I’m passionate about; Nutrition & Movement.

I decided to take this new career path following a California road trip in 2014. I drove on my own from San Francisco down the Pacific Highway to LA, stopping en route in a number of cool and quirky spots. Every day of my trip, I dropped into a local gym to take a class, and I was astounded at how welcoming everyone was and how much fun I had in that short hour each day. Over the course of the trip I decided that fitness was where it was at for me. I wanted to help other people to look, feel and perform at their best. I had already embarked on a nutrition course with renowned Precision Nutrition, and started a coaching internship at Blitz CrossFit shortly after returning.

Two years on, a lot has changed, and I love life more than ever!

Along with fellow PN nutritionist and Blitz coach Debs, I’ve set up nutrition coaching company NUCOA Nutrition, and also coach at Blitz CrossFit.

Having left a big-ish salary behind, I quickly realised that you don’t really need loads of ‘stuff’ to be happy. In fact, when friends and family asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I genuinely couldn’t think of anything, and then I struck on an idea; they could get me a fitness experience! I asked them to book me a session at a fitness class they’d enjoyed or heard about that they thought I’d love. Quickly this spiralled into the idea to try a different fitness class, craze or fad every week for the next year and write about my experiences. This might not be of interest to anyone but me, but if it gives a few friends ideas to try something new to improve their fitness, that would be awesome!

My day-to-day exercise is CrossFit, which I love for its continuous variety and challenge… I am average enough that I know I’ll never get bored with all the things I want to get better at. As far as I’m concerned, though, all fitness is good fitness – as long it’s safe, gets you moving and is fun, it’s a winner! There are so many different ways to get fitter out there and I want to try them all!

I’ve thought about what’s important to me in a workout class and will rate each experience on the following factors:

  • Friendliness
  • Fun
  • The Workout
  • Coaching
  • Value
  • Vibe


My BFF’s first comment when I told her about this idea was “are there really 52 different workouts out there??” … I hope so! I’ve already got a list of at least 20 I want to try, so here goes!