Week 4: Resistance at Core Collective

I’m starting to realise we are simply inundated with awesome fitness options in London. It’s so hard to choose what to do each week!

This week it was the turn of Core Collective, which offers a range of classes: spin, power yoga, HIIT, pilates, dance, mobility and a trx class, Resistance, which is the one I chose.

Their studios just behind High Street Ken are renowned for honing the pert bods of reality tv stars and the impeccably-preened rich & famous locals.

Just after signing up for this class I discovered my fellow Blitz Bandita and weightlifting inspo Ania works here. Sadly I wasn’t booked into one of her classes but I’ll certainly be back as I hear her Monday night HIIT sessions are the place to be! When I told Ania I was booked in for a Resistance class she told me I’d find it hard…. so off I set with excitement and a little trepidation!

What they say:

Stamina meets strength. Work your whole body with hundreds of exercises. By your body, for your body. These classes will tone and define you, fast.

My experience:

Nestled just off High Street Ken, the warehouse style studios are the epitome of sleek. The cafe on the ground floor is light, airy and adorned with amazing fashion photographs (for sale if you’ve got a few grand to drop alongside your morning americano). Head down to the basement and there are 4 studios catering for the variety of classes on offer. It’s all dark lights and mirrors, energetic vibes and music pumping from every direction.

The resistance room is fairly small and features a length of trx straps surrounded by mirrors. There were 5 people in my class (all girls), led by Paddy – a super cool dude.

The 45 minute class started with a warm up, followed by a fast-moving series of bodyweight exercises – mostly using the trx – with focus on core, glutes and upper body. Ania was right… this was tough, and awesome. The tagline “strength meets stamina” could not be more apt! Everything was scalable, so you could get the right degree of intensity whatever your ability. In my case, I managed to do pretty well on the upper body stuff (think push ups, rows etc) and leg work (squats, pistols and lunges)… planks, pikes and mountain climbers however… dear lord! The girls around me put me to shame! We spend about 30 seconds on most exercises – just the right amount of time to think “how much longer?!” before moving to the next. My personal fave was the atomic burpee (google it).

After 40 minutes of non-stop movement, we finished with a good stretch. Paddy gave clear instructions and directional cues throughout – I’d never done a trx class before and didn’t once feel out of my depth, even though it moved fast. 

This was a seriously challenging workout which I’m pretty sure will leave me aching (in a good way!) over the next couple of days.

In Summary:

Core is right! Done on a regular basis this class would build abs of steel – it was a great workout and left me feeling strong. The space is amazing – Malin+Goetz products, fluffy towels and GHDs in the changing rooms and a delightful cafe with great food & coffee… I’d quite like to move in!

I loved it here and will definitely be back to try some of their other classes. Who wants to join me for a Monday night HIIT sesh?

Where: Core Collective, High Street Kensington

Cost: intro class £20, packages cost £20-£22.50 depending how many you buy

How to book: http://www.core-collective.co.uk

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