Week 13: City Strongman at The Foundry

Week 13?! I can’t believe I’m a quarter of the way through my 52-week challenge already… I’m nowhere NEAR getting bored or running out of ideas. There are simply so many brilliant ways to move and get fit in this city!

Who doesn’t love watching World’s Strongest Man? The Foundry’s signature class gives you a chance to try out some of those strongman toys – I’ve been meaning to try it for ages and headed off to Vauxhall on the first hot sunny day of the year to give it a go.

What They Say:

City Strongman makes use of all the toys you’d see being used on the World’s Strongest Man circuit, only instead of record breaking feats of strength, we use regressed loads to elicit the most effective fat burning workout in the City – Bar none!

Think Log Lifting, Sled Dragging, Prowler Pushing and Atlas Stone Carrying. It’s the most fun you can have whilst sweating this much… well almost 😉

My Experience:

As soon as I stepped onto the small estate where the gym is housed I was warmly welcomed by one of the owners. One of the other class members had just arrived and showed me through to the gym – everyone was friendly and into their fitness and could tell immediately that I was going to enjoy this. The space was like a playground of dreams! A high ceilinged warehouse decked out with racks, ropes, rings, barbells, plates, kettlebells, atlas stones, yokes, prowlers, chains and a 200kg tyre plopped on an astro strip running down the centre of the room. Gym heaven.

Our coach, Ali, arrived early and came and introduced himself – most of the class were regulars, half guys/half girls and a friendly bunch.

Our warm up started with some squat mobility and weighted shoulder openers. There was focus on technique from the off, which was awesome.

Once we were warm we ran through the format for the class. In teams of 4, one would be working on the primary movement while the others performed recovery (…ish!) movements. There were five stations in total, and we spent 5 minutes on each, with a couple of minutes rest in between. The main movements were zercher carry, deadlifts, tyre flips, log clean & press and prowler push. The recovery movements were things like goblet squats, iron chair and dumbbell cross… so not exactly rest stations!

I had SO much fun. Ali did a great job of getting round the room cueing and correcting technique, but not in any way detracting from what was an awesome workout. The weights were what they were… there were two other girls in my team of four, so we all lifted the same and I didn’t even look at the weights, I just know they were right at my limit for the reps – perfect. This was unlike normal training as the gear was slightly more awkward, and I was really pushing throughout. The bloody zercher kept catching on the floor with my stumpy legs and I needed a hand from my teammates to get the tyre the first couple of inches off the floor… but I’ll master that bugger next time I go back. I was nearly crying by the end of each prowler push and the teeny dumbbells I used for the cross felt ten times heavier than they were!

Each 5 minute segment felt full-pelt hard, but then it was onto something else fun and the class was over so soon. We had a good stretch off before finishing and I skipped back into the sunshine feeling strong and empowered – there’s something about moving heavy stuff that just makes me feel on top of the world!

In Summary

I LOVED this class. Possibly not one for total training newbies, but if you’re willing to get stuck in, work hard and don’t mind a couple of scrapes and bruises, you’ll love it.

Their strapline “better than the treadmill” is the understatement of the century! I can’t wait to go back.

Where: The Foundry, SE11 6AA

Cost:  £18 drop in. Packages and monthly membership available.

How to book: http://www.foundryfit.co.uk

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