Week 36: 80s Areobics at Frame

For this week’s new find I went to an 80s aerobics class at Frame. Frame has five studios across London, offering a range of dance based fitness, HIIT, yoga and pilates. It has a quirky, fun-loving vibe and the 80s class seemed like just the thing to brighten up a Monday evening!


What They Say:
Frame was put on Earth to make sure keeping fit and healthy never feels like a chore. A place to MOVE, SWEAT and FUEL your Frame daily. We are known for our feel-good, energetic and fun-filled classes.

This is an 80s dance aerobics class to the sounds of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Duran Duran. Leotards and legwarmers encouraged! We challenge you to leave without a smile on your face!

My Experience:
Boy, is Victoria swanky these days! I haven’t had a reason to go there for at least five years, and it’s totally transformed! All glistening new buildings, bars and food halls. My sister works just up the road so she joined me after work and we had plenty of time for a drink (of the hydrating variety!) before class.

The studio is a stone’s throw from the station and I loved it from the moment I entered the rainbow-coloured hallway emblazoned with the slogan “if you’ve been bad we’ll make you feel good!”

The main reception/cafe/shop was buzzing as people came and went from the three studios. Peering through the glass doors there were yogis in one and a barre class in another. The shop had a big range of activewear as well as totes, towels, candles and all sorts of niceties. The cafe menu looked tasty and the smoothie list was long!

We chucked our stuff into a locker and were called into the studio just before class started. The class was fully booked and 20 or so girls (no guys in this one!) skipped on into the mirrored room.

Our instructor Camille was all smiles and still had a light sheen on her forehead from the class that had just finished. The instructors here are mostly professional dancers, many treading the boards in the west end. No sooner had she welcomed us than we were off… MJ blaring.

For each song (think Madonna, George Michael, Prince) we did an easy choreographed routine, constantly moving through grapevines, hops, skips and jumps. Camille led from the front, looking amazingly glam while cutting shapes to 80s tunes. Everyone in the room was smiling and breathless, letting their hair down.

Half an hour or so in, we each got a mat and moved to the floor. After a lot of jumping around I felt ready for a rest… but rest this wasn’t! For the next few songs we moved through a gruelling glute and ab workout – think swimsuit-pose Jane Fonda style scissor kicks and knee raises. Wow-ee it was a burner! Some girls put on ankle weights for this part of the class… I was not one of them, I could barely get through it with the weight of my own legs! Before we moved back to some more dancing we gave ourselves a little pat on the backside (something we should all do more often, I feel!) and stretched off the glutes.

We finished off with a couple more songs – arms punching the sky, running towards the mirror as a group, hair flicking and then had a nice stretchy cool down before heading on our merry way.

The session was pretty much a full hour of cardio but it was so much fun it didn’t feel like work! As I got the train home I was sweaty, smiley, hungry and ready for bed, the perfect end to a Monday evening!

As well as their dance classes, Frame run workshops where you learn a full choreographed routine to classic hits (coming up this month are Britney and Destiny’s Child). I’m definitely getting back there with friends in tow!!

In Summary:
Simply fitness fun, fun, fun! This studio has very distinct vibe – laid back, vibrant, friendly and ego free! If you want to sweat it out while smiling and dancing your evening away, get down there. The Victoria location is perfect for anyone who commutes through the station and I wouldn’t be surprised if my sister makes it a regular post-work haunt.

Cost: £13 drop in rate – monthly memberships available

How to book: http://www.moveyourframe.com

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